Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Use Pedestal Fan whenever possible

How do we feel air temperature?

Moving air is "cooler" than still air. Go to -> Colombo, Sri Lanka and there you can find "Feels Like" temperature. It is how warm temperatures feel to your body. Feels Like temperature is "calculated" using air temperature, wind speed and humidity.

Fans operate on this principle, i.e. it circulates air around you giving you a "cool" comfort.

There is no question that we need both ceiling fan and pedestal fan, just because their usage is different. But we can control how they are used. Average wattage of these two fans are listed below:

Wattage (W)
Ceiling fan70 - 90
Pedestal fan40 - 55

So, you can save ~30 watts of power ultimately reducing your energy bill if you switch to Pedestal Fan.

This is an innovative ceiling fan called Sycamore Ceiling Fan with two fold efficiency made using biomimetics by a company called Sycamore Technology in Sydney. I wish it will be available in Sri Lanka soon.


  1. hay Lakmalo,
    Good work bro...good infomation ideed...Keep them comming..!!

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