Monday, March 28, 2011

Spin drying of clothes

After washing/rinsing clothes in the washing machine we normally spin dry the clothes for our convenience so that we can fold and put clothes back in the wardrobe quickly.

Does spin drying really necessary in a country like Sri Lanka? I don't think so!

We have abundant solar thermal heat for drying clothes rather than just letting it spin in the machine (and later quick drying).

Why should we opted to less convenient drying method (drying under the sun)? Here is why...
  1. Durability of clothes - when you spin dry clothes it becomes shrink, less soft and fade (sometimes you may have experienced these).
  2. Durability of machine
  3. Energy saving - please see below for my experiment results
But drying under sun may not always be applicable. But it must be used whereever/whenever it is possible.

See below for my experiment results on spin drying and as you can see, the experiment results is a proof for 3rd point I mentioned above.

Washer make/model:LG/WF-S6061PC 6.0 kg
Power factor:0.56
Weight of clothes:2.0 kg [though the machine is 6.0 kg capable, 2.0 kg filled almost ~80% of tumbler :D]
Energy consumed for wash/rinse cycle:0.03 kWh
Energy consumed for Spinning:0.01 kWh

From the above facts 1/4th of total energy is used for spinning.

Please do dry clothes under Sun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Template changed

I changed the blog template to a more lighter one to save energy.

I did so based on the assumption that most of computer screens of this blog's audience have LCD screens. It is because LCD screen uses less energy when the screen displays light colors.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Health hazard of CFL bulbs

CFL bulbs are as safe as incandescent bulbs unless the bulb is not broken. Once it is broken it has to be handled with great care. Never throw it in the trash. It has to be recycled.

CFL contains a neurotoxin called mercury (5 mg) in vapor form for its operation. It is this mercury vapor which causes health problems.

Environment Protection Agency of USA has issued a set of instructions as to how to Clean up a broken CFL. Here is a summarized version:

1. Have people and pets leave the room.
2. Open windows/doors for 5-10 minutes.
3. Collect broken glass and visible powder to a sealable container.
4. Place the container outside and dispose properly.
5. If practical, keep the windows/doors opened for several hours

Cleaning Up a Broken CFL

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