Friday, May 11, 2012

Does bulk ironing save energy?

Recently one of my friends suggested that we may not be saving much energy if we iron clothes more than one at a time compared to ironing clothes separately. His argument was, unlike the old irons new steam irons might have designed to save energy by reducing the time it takes for preheating.

This sparked me to do another experiment nearly a year after to the last post :) and here it goes...

Iron I used

Make:Morphy Richards
Model:Comfigrip (40715)

Below table shows the experiment results.

From the above statistics,
for 1 piece, it consumes 0.09 kWh.
for 5 pieces, it consumes 0.28 kWh.

Below table summarizes power consumption to iron 20 pcs.

That is, if 10,000 people iron a week's clothes at once we can save 81,600 kWh of energy a year. It is equivalent to stopping release of 2907.24 kg of carbon-dioxide in to atmosphere.

Can't you still figure out how much is this 2907.24 kg?

It is equivalent to carbon-dioxide produced by a Toyota corolla (2002) when it goes 17,000 kilometers of distance a year and this is really big!

Next time please iron more than one cloth at a time. It saves you money and make the air we intake clean.


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